Rumba performance at the Brazilian Festival 2011

18 Oct

Check out my first rumba performance in the Hamptom Roads community!


Mr. Tea

5 Jan

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As a Christmas gift to myself, i registered for the Championship Dance camp in DC for a week in July. This is 5-day dance camp where I can meet and train with world professional ballroom teachers and dancers. Last year Maksim from DWTS was doing workshops, he won’t be there this year but other pros from DWTS will be so its going to be exciting. I am also looking forward to networking with other ballroom dancers.

I finally paid off my latin dress!! It is being shipped this week..I will be posting pictures of my dress on this blog so stay tuned! Now I’m on the look for the perfect ballroom gown…ballroom dancing is expensive, no joke!

During black friday, i got a camcorder and a free tripod from best buy..Basically will be using this to record my practices and performances and competitions. I am hoping to start posting videos of my dancing on stay tuned for that too!!!!

Currently listening to: No Tengo Tango by Mr. Tea

As always I would like to post a video of yet another great dance performance, a rummmmmmmmba!!!!! Enjoy! ­čÖé



Ms. Peacock

29 Jun

This girl, her name is Giselle Peacock, 28 yrs old. I just love her! Reason why, she is not stick skinny nor tall as the other typical female ballroom dancers yet she dances with so much fire and passion. I had the privilege to see her perform live on Broadway’s Burn the Floor and she was just phenomenal, hands down the best female dancer on that show. Her passion shined through so much. Found this video of her dancing with her partner, Henry. Both phenomenal. Giselle auditioned for this season’s sytycd, did not make top 10 but definitely left a great impression on the show. She is an inspiration to me!


19 Mar

I hope in my heaven I can dance like this…

DWTS: Thoughts

16 Mar

I don’t know about anybody else BUT I am excited about this ┬áDancing with the Stars season 10 cast! Just watched a preview of the season premiere and I am soooo excited. I think its because this cast is so unique and diverse and we have a more popularized cast, i mean seriously, kate gosselin? I feel we just got out of that whole jon-divorce dilemma and Evan lysacek? I remember about 2 weeks ago I saw him winning the gold medal at the Olympics. So it is quite a cast and I think this season’s ratings will shoot pretty high. Here is the finalized list of the cast and their partners in random order:

1. Kate Gosselin with Tony Dovolani

2. Nicole Scherzinger with Derek Hough

3. Jared Pavelka with Chelsie Hightower

4. Pamela Anderson with Damian Whitewood (he’s a newbie, i must do my research on him!)

5. Shannon Doherty with Mark Ballas

6. Aiden Turner with Edyta Sliwinska

7. Buzz Aldrin with Ashly Costa (she was one of the orig pros on the show, so glad she’s back!)

8. Chad Ochocinco with Cheryl Burke

9. Erin Andrews with Maksim Chmerkovskiy

10. Evan Lysacek with Anna Trebunskaya

11. Niecy Nash with Louis Van Amstel

My thoughts: Nicole definitely has good body movement and rhythm with are keys to ballroom, BUT most of the time she sings and puts in a move here and there, and her moves are pretty generic and solo so it will be interesting to see how she can connect with a partner. I think Evan will do good in smooth dances just because in skating you have to appear fluid and long which is what ┬ásmooth dancing is all about ,not sure about rhythm it might be a challenge for him! I think Kate will need to work out her sexy side, being a mom for so long and not focusing on her, she may have trouble bringing sexiness out in her latin dances but we shall see! Can’t say much about the other stars, Pam? I think it will be entertaining! haha

All in all, in my opinion, it looks like it will be an interesting season. However I will miss those pro veterans! We are missing Karina, Lacey, Dmitri this season! : /

Check out the preview!

Coaching in RVA

15 Mar

Hello! Over the weekend, I went to Richmond to attend a coaching and group class with Robertas and Inga. They are latin champions and Black Pool Latin finalists. What is Black Pool you may ask? Well its the most prestigious ballroom dance competition in the world held in England. The best go there and compete and to be a finalist in that comp is pretty darn amazing. I had a private coaching with Robertas and we worked on latin technique. Here is a video of them performing International Rumba

One bad night..

5 Mar

At my competition, I had one bad night. Part of my competition package are the dinners! So friday night, I lined up at the buffet line and was ready to eat!

Now I could have sworn whatever I had picked out from the buffet did not have nuts in them but apparently I wasn’t reading hard enough. I saw this crispy looking chicken similar to the picture on the right. I picked it up and was on my way to the table.

A couple seconds after my first bite, i immediately felt sick in my stomach. ugh! it was not good…

I couldn’t finish my plate at all and excused myself to just chill in the lobby with Rolan so I can get some fresh air. However the pain in my stomach was not going away, It had to be the chicken I thought. I walked to the bathroom and started throwing up. In my head, I was thinking I can’t believe this is happening to me. Worse part was I was going to dance tonight in the Team Match. But i knew i couldn’t and I definitely wanted to save myself from throwing up in front of everybody on the floor. Not really a good impression of myself to the judges.

So Rolan was sweet enough to be there with me and spoke with my instructor and luckily they were ok that I didn’t dance that night.

My instructor later told me that the chicken was a pistachio crusted chicken. And that was it. Maybe I am allergic to pistachio nuts or maybe I just have a very high stomach intolerance to nuts. I don’t know but I’m not joking when I say I dislike nuts. I hate it with a passion.

So lesson learned, make sure I read the label carefully before putting a food item on my plate and maybe next competition I won’t participate in the hotel catered dinners : / My stomach is just too sensitive.